This year has seen many dramas go on air which have been a perfect blend of romance, family politics and betrayal, but not a single one of them has proved to be as spiritually awakening as the Hamza Ali Abbasi and Sajal Aly starrer Alif. And despite having been on air for the past twelve weeks, it seems to be getting better and better as it touches your heart and makes you realize how important it is to stay connected to Allah come what may.
A mature story penned down by Umera Ahmad, the reason why it works in our eyes is because the plot teaches you valuable lessons which can be applied to your life. In episode 12, Momin’s Dada played wonderfully by Manzar Sehbai is seen repenting the attitude he always kept towards his son Taha for marrying Husn-e-Jahan, and then he was shown trying to rectify that as the years went by when he heard of Momin’s birth. He kept reiterating the fact that it is better to forgive and forget before it’s too late.
Last week’s episode was a continuation of how Taha and Husn-e-Jahan get together and what led to Taha’s disappearance.


Sajal Aly is an actress we simply love and to see her twice a week in two different projects is a treat but here she plays the character with a lot of sincerity as remember Momina is struggling financially as well as emotionally. But with the final break of her dreams having taken place she misses her brother as they both had dreamt to travel business class and that scene where having achieved what she dreamt and picking up the Quran to thank Allah made us realize how important it is to show gratitude, which is also at the heart of what Islam teaches and is perhaps one of the greatest lessons to be adopted by our youth.


Now what exactly did Husn-e-Jahan do that drove Taha to such grave lengths that he disappeared without a trace, is something that has kept us curios and perturbed just like Momin. And on top of that, Abdul Alla refuses to share the truth. The old man tells Momin firmly that he will never be a able to share it with him as it is unforgivable, leading us to think of all possible and off situtions;  like she returned to dancing or put Taha on the wrong path? The answer we don’t know as yet but the way Hamza Ali Abbasi is playing this character deserves appreciation as it comes from his heart and his chemistry with Manzar Sehbai, and their scenes are the highlight since both the actors have succeeded in creating the grandfather -grandson bond wonderfully.
Directed by Haseeb Hassan , whose Diyar-e-Dil remains our all time favourite, we are enjoying seeing Turkey in Alif as he has captured the beauty of the country exactly as it is. With a great cast on board, the truth is that the latest episode was more appealing than the previous one as it had many powerful performances from Ahsan Khan to Sajal Aly, but more than that the story is progressing at a fast pace which is good to see.


With Momin trying to discover his path in life, even Momina will see happy moments, but with both on a different path at the moment how will they come together is what we cant wait to see soon.