Did we ever tell you why we wanted to review ALIF?
With the obvious reason that it Hamza Ali Abbasi and Sajal Aly were sharing screen space for the first time, the plot is completely devoid of family politics, unrequited love or jilted lovers, INSTEAD it’s a beautiful journey that makes you realise how important your connection with the Almighty is. And in today’s day and age, a story that takes you back to in time and reveals the ultimate truth whilst we go on with our lives.
Episode 18 finally gave us the truth about what exactly transpired between Taha and Husn-e-Jahan, and the role that Sultan play in their separation.


With Taha not working and blaming Husn for his downfall , she calls Sultan to sell her paintings made by Taha but with her no longer working her value has decreased but since Sultan does not have the heart to tell her that the sweet man sells his house to send her money and takes some from his fiancée just so he could help Husn-e-Jahan out . A gesture which she never found out till the end , the character of Sultan leaves an impact on you because of Saleem Mairaj as he plays him with ease and conviction making you realize that he is a loyal person whom is very hard to find in life.



The mystery surrounding Taha’s death was finally revealed; after he and Husn-e-Jahan fought, he met with an untimely accident and passed away. Ahsan Khan was not only powerful in emoting his raw emotions as distorted man who lost touch with this spirituality, but by the end, he was a man who has lost everything. The intensity with which Ahsan Khan portrayed Taha; an artist falling in love with his muse, to a man who had nothing in the end, was brilliant.



The way with which Husn-e-Jahan emoted a depressed state in the beginning of Alif to her life back with her family as a dancer, Kubra’s character showed signs of an unstable mental health after Taha left her and when she learnt of his demise. And Sultan’s narration of the truth to Momina gave way more power to an untold story that we were eager to know.

Kubra Khan performed really well, even though we felt she that was the weakest link, however  recent episode proved that she can do intense scenes brilliantly if guided well as the last scene of hers where she breaks down in to tears touched us emotionally too.


With Taha and Husn-e-Jahan no longer part of the story the focus will be more on Momin and Momin as they make the movie which we hope will bring them together as the promo suggests and that the two will be drawn to one another in a good way.

So with still a lot left to unfold in Alif do watch this sensational drama which is mature and soul stirring at the same time.