Having seen Momina essayed brilliantly by the versatile Sajal Aly, who has been leading a difficult life and a broken heart, whether it was through the loss of her brother, her fiance Faisal, her mother’s ailing condition, and now Momin.

Till last week, we were touched by Momin and Momina’s chemistry, however it was short-lived after how the former tainted Momina’s character. Her response was legitimate and proved Momina wrong that Momin could ever change.

A mature drama penned down by Umera Ahmed, her dialogues are emotional, no doubt and because of that you not only feel connected to the main leads, but you feel like you’re a part of the passing phases both in the present and past. The flashbacks between the mother and son, Husn-e-Jahan and Taha and the central role that Abdul Ala plays in shaping Momin’s life make a path for the story every week.

So what did we think about Alif, episode 20?


This was the highlight of the entire episode because for the past 20 episodes, Shuja Haider had been tugging on the strings of our heart with his beautiful voice and then we see Momin, Momina and Shuja together composing for his film, Alif. And during this entire process, we see Momin open up on his vision for Alif and reminisce of the good old times when his dada would impart his wisdom on to him. Momina feels enlightened during this time to see Momin’s side and loses a part of her to him, which was all the more tender and spiritual.


During the narration scene, it’s clear that Momin has thought all his life that Husn-e-Jahan cheats on Taha with Sultan, which perturbs Momina because she knows the truth, so that kind of works in Momin’s favour. Having not knowing this, Momina challenges Momin by putting out questions that shake the truth that he’s believed in all his life. That for a moment we see Momin look at the other side of the mirror that a child could have been wrong in what he saw, that he was not wise enough to see the pain that was layered behind the love and care that Husn-e-Jahan has for Momin? What happens next? Momin gets up and leaves…


Having risen from a nobody to a global star, the one thing that we appreciate about Momina is that, not once has she compromised on her values. So when Momin made a low blow by taunting her for having an affair with Dawood, Momina instantly reacted and smacked him on the face by saying that not all women are like Husn-e-Jahan! The slap was not just physical, but it hurt Momin’s ego as well, which left him stunned (and perhaps under that flamboyant exterior, he felt remorse too).

Also, we need more female characters like Momina who prove that you don’t need to take crap from anyone and that even includes the man you’re falling in love with, because despite moving in a modern world Momin thinks like a typical man where he cant understand that a boy and a girl can be just friends too! So kudos to Momina for standing up for herself.


Saleem Mairaj is an asset to the industry and it is good to see him be part of such a spiritual play .His role has seen him grow from a make up man , a loyal friend to a father who never imposes himself on his daughter but rather treats her like a friend as last night he saw that she was upset and knew Momin had hurt her but he still sat down with her to talk so she could vent herself out by giving her space as well as giving her fatherly advice in between.


Momin has never been slapped by a woman no matter how ruthless he’s  been, so we see him realizing how wrong he was to pass a judgement about something he just saw but did not know the back ground of. So the question we beg to ask is, WILL MOMINA FORGIVE MOMIN, KNOWING HE HASN’T CHANGED? or WILL SHE FORGO THAT MOMENT AFTER FINDING OUT THE REASON WHY MOMIN THINKS OF EVERY GIRL AS HUSN-E-JAHAN?


Next weeks preview shows that Sultan will make a shocking revelation about Husn-e-Jahans death which will startle Momina but why did the stunning dancer prefer death over life? As obvious as it may see, we can’t wait to find out.