Ever since Yeh Dil Mera has started, we’ve seen Aman and Ana suffering through emotional traumas, and yet they manage to continue with their normal lives. And even though, Yeh Dil Mera has slowed down (since the last 2 episodes), it is no surprise that watching Sajal and Ahad together is a delight.

This real and reel life pair are so good together and episode 16 just proved that through their scenes in particular. There is so much more going on within their own skin, therefore we continue to watch Yeh Dil Mera.

So, here’s a view of what we thought of Yeh Dil Mera, episode 16.


Noor and Aman both showed that they actually care for each other after Noor plants a sweet kiss on Aman’s head after he injures himself. Now if any other actors would have enacted the scene one would feel that this was not necessary but somehow with Ahad and Sajal nothing feels out of context and the gesture actually made ones heart melt as it summed up the feelings which Noor was going through.

Despite everything Aman’s done to Ana when it comes to his bipolar behaviour; from hurting her to apologising and then regretting it later, to being mean and cruel and guilty later, Ana has pulled through these red flags that would have freaked out a new bride, goes to show that she genuinely cares about her husband and Aman can see that.


One of the reasons why we respect Farhat Ishtiaq is because the content of Yeh Dil Mera has evolved with the changing times and has put light on the importance of mental health. We watched Noor go through a psychiatrist to help her with her recurring nightmares and how she could stay positive. And now Noor sees Aman wade through internal hiccups that he will not share with her, so she recommends therapy.

Our Pakistani audience is heavily influence by our drama serials, therefore, to show how therapy can help both men and women struggling with mental health issues might play a liberating role in stressing that IT IS OK TO ASK FOR HELP.


Aman and Ana head over to Daryabagh, to the cottage where young Aman used to live with his parents. So, in the beginning of the episode we see Noor in a moment of haze about a murder and Aman calling out a girl’s name, but Noor does not know that she is Aman’s sister. But whilst on the road with him on a life-altering journey, Noor finds herself in a familiar place but can’t seem to remember. What adds more to her curiosity is when Noor sees a portrait of Aman’s family hanging in the cottage, and upon inquiring who they are, Aman dismisses it, leaving Noor to wonder where she’s seen them before.


Next weeks episode we feel will show Aman and Noor in their most vulnerable state and where Aman does try to act strong he just like Noor will be facing his demons within that cottage and by any luck we just might get to know the real reason of why did Mir Farooq Kill the innocent boys family and what connection does Bua Jee have with Aman after all .