Clothing brands come and go. Some last a few seasons; some are just one season wonders. It’s hard to say, when you come across something new, how far it will go. And it’s not very often that you see something that actually has a soul backing up the creation.

AUJ is something new, not just in the way the clothes are put together, but in its philosophy, in the thought behind the inception of the brand.

We got an exclusive preview of AUJ’s debut collection and had a chance to speak to Babar Rashid Khan, Co founder/Partner

“I feel what makes AUJ unique is its intent – It has a heart that beats.”

Giving the Pakistani woman an identity and making her look unique, enhancing her personal sense of style is what AUJ aims at. Proud of how each piece had come together Creative Director/Co Founder Mahpara Khan added:

“We’ve crafted our first collection as an ode to our rich heritage. We’ve showcased multiple design disciplines from all around the Subcontinent and fused them with European Bauhaus geometry.”

Blockprint, ralli, ajrak and chikenkaari are fused with royal Mandarin, Victorian and Persian motifs making AUJ unique in its aura.

In classic Persian and Urdu literature, AUJ is the place where the mountains meet the stars. It is a place of mystical beauty and serenity, removed from the confines of time or convention. Such is the beauty of the name and such are the inspirations of the designs in AUJ’s debut collection, making it every bit as beautiful as its meaning

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Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.