Talal ahsan

Talal ahsan

Iffat Omar Quits Acting

Iffat Omar Quits Acting

The changing quality of Pakistani dramas has made one more person upset over it's declining sense of wrongfulness. Recently in a show called G Sarkar, the famous actress Iffat Omar opened up about leaving the entertainment industry. Iffat...

Foods good for kidney health

5 Foods Good For Kidney Health

Kidneys, The small organs of our body which plays a very dominant role in our health. Kidneys are responsible for the elimination of the waste material from our body through urine and for balancing fluid and electrolyte levels....

Grammy Nominee Arooj Aftab

5 Facts About Grammy Nominee Arooj Aftab

Arooj Aftab, many of us might not know about her. But, she has brought immense pride to the nation. She is the first Pakistani who is nominated in the Grammy Awards history. This is going to be the...

Ahmed Ali Akbar

Ahmed Ali Akbar Opens Up About His Role in Parizaad

With Pakistani drama industry creating one after another typical Melo-dramas, Parizaad is really a special case and deviation towards a change. The script and dialogues of this masterpiece really has a huge impact on it's audience. It's one...

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