It’s a sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to wear new clothes on Eid and even though the pandemic has us locked inside, take this day as a fresh start and hopefully a new beginning when things will start to get normal by online shopping.

I know that a lot of tailors are secretly working (I know, right?) and girls usually have a way of sorting things out, but dear boys, need not worry, we’re sharing some easy picks for you to get your hands on before Eid.

And to make your lives easier, we’re sharing the links below.


This embroidered white kurta from Sapphire is perfect for Eid and you have the option to purchase it online in a Regular or Slim fit. Priced at Rs. 2790/- click here to get your hands on this classic piece from Sapphire before it quickly runs out.


This lime yellow textured kurta from Chapter 2 can be a sprightly choice to your Eid look this year. It’s a soft cotton fabric at a price of Rs. 4500/-and can get it from here.


This black-blue, well to be exact is a navy blue shalwar-kameez from Eden Robe. This pick has embroidery on Collar & Front Panel and Cut & Saw Work on Collar (Band Collar, Front Patti, Kurta Cuff) for Rs. 5490/-. Get it here.


This stone grey colored Shalwar-Kameez by Zellbury is a smart and sophisticated uber-cool look for Rs. 3990/-. Here’s where you can get it.


This beige easy-going kurta from Rici Melion is also a clean look to wear on Eid and it’s for Rs. 4450/-.  Go to Rici Melion now.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.