Folks in Lahore, I hope you’re gearing up good for the fast-approaching wedding season! Markets are seen abuzz with pretty brides-to-be accompanied by excited family members swishing their shopping bags this way and that as they search for the most exquisite items for their Big Day. And who can undermine the impact of splendid jewellery to compliment that divine bridal jora?

Helpful as ever, Siddy Says has decided to make your lives easier by suggesting Hamna Amir, a jewellery designer extraordinaire, to you, with her stunning collection of jewels. We have always admired her work and craftsmanship, but the recent collaboration with Nomi Ansari for his PLBW17 collection Qabool Hai, set Hamna apart from the rest of he bridal jewelry designers. Reason being, the grandeur, the elegance, the power of design, and how she seamlessly mixes and matches jewels.

We have for you some of our favorite pieces from the showcase, the amazing gallery of photos of the collection, and to top it all, the fashion film shot for Nomi Ansari’s collection featuring Sana Javed and Ali Rehman (to show you just how amazing Hamna’s creations look paired with Nomi’s brilliance)

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Hamna Amir’s Bridal sets are a class apart from other contemporaries with her wide range that is a blend of classic jewelry with an elegant yet modern twist. This stone-ornamented exquisite choker is nothing but fit for royalty and more! Beset with rubies and emerald drops dangling below are a sight for our sore eyes.

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