Chattam and Wells dolce Vita home

We can’t stress enough on how important it is to have a solid nights sleep for a sound and healthy life. Apart from being free of mental stress, good sleep is directly related to the pillows and mattresses you sleep on.

Recently, while moving spaces and acquiring a new bed, we were on the hunt for a mattress. This led us to our trusted Dolce Vita Homes store where we discovered Chattam and Wells, exclusively available here.

The mattress did sound a bit exclusive and luxurious, meaning it was a pricey option. So we did some digging to know whether it was worth our money. Some features that a mattress must have are:


It doesn’t bunch: Hand-tufting prevents materials from migrating or bunching causing them to work in concert to provide a consistent comfort level over the entire sleeping surface. It provides a distinct feel while increasing the longevity of the mattress.

Right mattress temperature: Tencel is an eco-friendly botanic based fiber designed for superior moisture control and breathability, keeping your mattress at the ideal sleeping temperature.

Natural wool: Joma Wool is the perfect insulator. Having it right under the fabric is for good moisture and temperature control ensuring a healthy sleeping surface.

Non-allergenic materials: Especially polyester and rayon from natural sources which provide a protective barrier with no chemical additives.

Thickness of the foam A comfortable and plush quilt with high-density foam to keep it feeling great year after year.

Relief and support The patented talalay latex process creates a cloud plush feel, conforming to your body for pressure relief and support.

Contouring according to body shape The tiny nano coils add a buoyant layer near the surface of the mattress, which provides delicate contouring to cradle your body as your rest.

Equal weight distribution : Dunlop latex distributes weight evenly, reducing tension on your pressure points that cause tossing and turning.

Resilience :  The highest grade of polyurethane foam for durability and support for years of use without body impressions.

Support for the body: The active support technology of an innerspring relaxes your muscles during natural sleep movements, conforming and supporting your body during a good night’s rest.

A good foundation: Made from sustainably sourced lumber and kitted in an Amish workshop, these high quality 18 slat foundations are built to last.

I guess when you find all this in one mattress, there is nothing else left to consider!

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.