Last year’s eyebrow trends were super insane in most sense because “squiggly eyebrows, boxed, feathered, rainbow colours, or the lightning bolt brow” were only for the runway and so not doable in real life. So we didn’t even pay them a heed and went on with our lives. But this year, there was a shift from looking radical to going completely natural with arched brows. These eyebrows suit any face type because they create depth rather than just shaping them. And you can use these products to get the natural arched or textured eyebrows right now!

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  • It’s a no-sharp pencil for bold and contoured brows
  • Its water proof
  • It has a slanted tip to create precise strokes
  • The spoolie will aid in blending
  • Also comes in a tool kit
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Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast