How to correctly apply a blush is a question that many women struggle to find the answer to. So we at SiddySays, went to Luscious our go-to expert on all things cosmetic. Luscious took time out exclusively to tell us about the essentials of a blush, how to correctly apply blush and how to match it with your skin tone. Without further ado, here are three easy steps to applying blush with a bonus section on matching it to your skin tone!

Among the never ending types of makeup products, blush is the one that sets the tone. Everything else is about highlighting features. So for example, bases and foundation set the canvas while eyeliners, mascaras and lip colour make the features pop. What a blush does is inherently blend everything together in a, hopefully!, perfect look. The primary function of this product is to set the tone of the makeup itself whether you are going for an outrageous Lady Gaga kind of a look or for a completely muted one. Of course, the results are contingent on the color you use along with how you apply it!


Step One: Lay the foundation. No matter what color you use or how you use it, blush and bronzer will not work on an uneven skin tone. You can use a tinted moisturizer, a BB Cream or even a liquid foundation whichever one works well for you. If you have dark circles, use a concealer to even them out. Put on a light powder and now you are set.

Step Two: Figure out the color for your skin tone. Luscious recommends using the blush that highlights your own skin tone. The idea is to find a blush that blends in with your entire look and doesn’t stand out awkwardly.

For Fair Skin: Fair Skin is tricky because it is very easy to get carried away. So for all your fair ladies be easy on the blush. You don’t want to look like two cakes plastered on your face! Opt for a more natural look. Use soft shades pink, light corals and peaches.

For Medium Skin: Medium skinned women can take a lesson from the fair skinned and keep away from dramatic colors. However, this skin tone is okay to use warm, deep and rich colors like pinks, mauves, peaches and nude browns. P.S. stay away from colors that contain the undertones of blues it can make your cheeks look bruised.

For Dark Skin: Red, oranges and browns are excellent for dark skinned women. Use tangerines, deep fuchsias and darker tones of browns. Using light softer colors will make your blush look like talcum powder.

Step Three: Now that you have found the perfect color of blush for your skin tone. It is time to apply it! Apply the Blush in a circular motion on the apple of your cheeks and move outward. Remember that for contouring use an angular blush. It is excellent for highlighting features and giving shape to the face. Use a big brush to blend and dust off any excess powder. Be sure to be light on the blush but ensure that you it well! Unblended product will end up looking like blotches on your face.

Blusher Luscious

Luscious recommends using their Face Contour Kit for contouring, their myriad of powder blush cakes and their Ather Shahzad Master Makeup Palette for a wide range of colors and product options. You can buy it online at

Luscious Ather Shahzad

Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.