Hania Amir’s sweet, bubbly and fun to watch, especially with her amusing expressions. There’s no beating her when it comes to comic timings though, and she seems equally quick-witted in person also. Thanks to her #TikTok videos, the girl is making the best of her time in quarantine and keeping her fans entertained as well. Guess she’s just being her cute self.

But the question is that, is her #beyourself mantra enough to help her progress as an artist on screen with roles likes Dil Ruba and Ishqiya, that seem all too similar and don’t give much scope to her as an actor/performer?

Let’s take a look at some of the characters that Hania has played.

  • In Janaan, she played the fun and frothy bride.
  • In Pyar Ki Kahani with Asim Azhar, she was the same, fun-loving and over the top.
  • In Anna, her character Daneen was disrespectful and non-chalant, looking for a good time

Except an exception in Titli when she was a baddie, however getting back to DIL RUBA and ISHQIYA, we’re going to tell you why we feel both of her roles are the same. And if you’ve not been watching these show, then here’s a quick brief.


In Dil Ruba, Hania plays the role of Sanam, a college-going girl with zero cares in the world enjoys the undivided attention she gets from her family and friends, including 4 different boys with whom she flirts for monetary gains and then we see  just how twisted her life gets when she breaks hearts and marries another who is in love with someone else.


Now in Ishqiya, Hania’s character Roomi is also a easy-going, loud, just blurts everything out without thinking about the consequences kind of girl, who happens to get married to her sisters secret lover, Feroze Khan, who in return wants to take revenge from her sister Hamna for marrying Gohar Rasheed’s character. Too much drama, right?


So, here’s what we think.

Despite the drama serials are being hyped and liked for their content and the chemistry between the characters, both of Hania’s characters, Sanam and Roomi have been drawn in the same sketch. She is loud, is always excited, talks faster, wants everyone to be amped up around her, and is always looking for a good laugh. It’s like Sanam and Roomi are visibly interchangeable and that gives us the impression that Hania didn’t have much area to improvise or give room to her characters to do something different because she’s also like that in her real life. Which leads us to think that, are these safe roles because it’s easier to play herself? Or is this just a phase, a strategy in the drama and we will get to see the grey side of at least one of her characters, and she’ll surprise us with a more serious take on what should now happen.

  • In Dil Ruba, will Sanam realise the consequences her actions have bore by breaking everyone’s heart? Will she make amends? How?
  • In Ishqiya, will Roomi take a hint from Hamza and Hamna’s behaviour that she was used in this game of love? Or will Hamza simply fall in love with her and she’ll forgive him

For now, Dil Ruba and Ishqiya are being played back to back with Sanam and Roomi taking center stage, and we’ll probably have to wait and find out for Hania to cast the happy go-lucky vibe sometime soon, and show another side to her performance as an actor other than who she is playing now. I want to see her do something that’s going to blow my mind away instead of just be comical.

What do you think?

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.