Last night’s episode of Aangan was also possessed with a somber mood and an unfortunate gloom for the entire family. Episode 2 was wildly predictable with an overdose of theatrics and drama from some of the major characters and revolved entirely around Salma and the consequences of her actions, which will further play out the current plot twist. This episode also highlighted the complexities of Ama Jaan’s character and why she is the way she is, as well as the other family members and what holds them together in a household which is solely run by women.


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Episode 2 shows us two women with their extremities; Amma Jaan’s desire to keep everything in control, and everyone in their place, and Salma’s madness and obsession to be with the one she loves. So, episode 1’s backwash continues in episode 2 and we see Salma delved further in her delusions as she day dreams of her love and longs for him. Both the bahu’s find out that Subhan’s family is evicted out of the village so Amma Jaan’s favourite bahu, Madiha Rizvi goes to inquire about it and is asked to keep the reason a secret from the less favourite bahu, especially. Upon ousting the secret, Salma’s behaviour has everyone worried so in order to keep an eye on her Amma Jaan locks the main door of the house at night (perhaps because she secretly knows of her daughter’s rebellious nature and also wants to avoid disgrace to her family considering the fact that her husband has kept mistresses). But the next morning brings a sunset for the family as they find out that Salma has fled the premises and Amma Jaan blames her husband for setting a bad example for the family members. In another scene we see Salma with Subhan and his father, who is begging her to go back, however Salma is adamant to stay with Subhan, to which he complies later. Further, in order to bring this chapter to a close, Amma Jaan decides to burn all of Salma’s clothes to wipe away her presence in the house as she learns of her nikkah with Subhan.


  • As the episode progresses you feel for Amma Jaan and why she’s become so rigid over the years. Due to her husband’s infidelities, she decided to become the man and run the operations. However, it is in her loneliness that you understand her more as she crumbles within the four walls around her.
  • Amma Jaan’s distate for her less favourite bahu is somewhat cruel and makes you think about the class difference that she highlights through her mincing words because she is less educated and comes from a different background.
  • When Aba Mian finds out that Salma has fled, his willingness to aid the situation backfires and Amma Jaan blames him for not playing the role model that he should have for all his children. And due to his notoriety, they have to face Salma’s disgraceful act. For a fleeting moment, you want to console the old man, but the perplexity of the situation is mind numbing.
  • Salma’s fixation with Subhan may be over whelming, but her way to achieve it is demeaning. Subhan may not be the knight in a shining armor because he is a weak man but he is attracted to her. This scene sort of played out like a mystery, like there is more than meets the eye, something to ponder about.
  • The men of the haveli are not strong enough which is why the women of the household run it. Aba Mian is engrossed in his own life and the bahu’s are married to men who are always away and not very much needed. Salma’s shameful act is catastrophic, but none of them care. The last scene when Amma Jaan is burning Salma’s belongings, Omair Rana appears only to show a conflict in his character which we couldn’t quite comprehend. In episode 1, he did not want his mother to discuss his father’s scandalous affair and that the word stayed in the family, however in episode 2, he was calm and considerate towards Salma’s actions when they hear of her nikkah with Subha. It’s almost like he was happy for her which leads us to think that Mazhar is a coin with two sides, and that we will see in episode 3 when he visits Subhan.
  • As usual, we though that the actors were brilliant, especially Salma, she’s a true performer.

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Written by Faryal Syed
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