ranjha ranjha kardi

Two more brilliant episodes of Ranjha Ranjha Kardi and we decided to double the fun for you with back-to-back reviews of Episode 5 and 6. We cannot praise Iqra Aziz and Imran Ashraf enough for their performances and frankly we’re only waiting for the next award show in 2019 so these two incredibly talented actors can be showered with all the love and encouragement for their roles as Noori and Bhola.


This episode was directed at a solid pace and shed light on several dynamics of the show that will unfold in the upcoming episodes:

  • Bhola returns home and even though his mother knows he stole her bangles, she forgives him. Bhola knows that when he’s frustrated, he can disconnect with everyone around him by fleeing away, but he can always return back home to his mother who, like every mother, shows undying love for her only son. His mother also wants to keep Bhola safe and shows her innocence by conjuring up the idea of marrying him, which also shows the typical mindset of a Pakistani household that everything can be sorted out once you’re married, even if you’re a mentally challenged person, marriage is the solution to everything.
  • We also see a new side to Bhola’s uncle who has been helping their family earn their livelihood, so we are going to see him play match maker when he will propose to wed his daughter to Bhola, which in return will make their daughter the sole owner of the property that Bhola will inherit from his mother.
  • Noori is irrevocably in love with Sahir and is dreaming of the stars and the moon even though Sahir has relentlessly told her that he cannot marry her. We also see that Noori’s Qudsia baji is not happy with Noori’s antics and is unhappy with her for leaving early in the morning and day dreaming. On the other hand, Noori’s mother is insisting her to marry Shoka in return for money. So, we’re predicting a lot of trouble for Noori.
  • What we loved the most from the episode is the light hearted banter between Noori and Bhola, because every time they meet, there is a natural finesse to their #unnamed relationship and a level of comfort between these two.


  • Asma Abbas beautifully plays a broken mother who is trying to do her best by her son so she ties his leg with her arm at nights when they sleep just in case he decides to run away and also sings him lullabies to put him back to a blissful slumber. This has to be the most wrenching moment to see a mother worry for her son’s well being.
  • The most interesting moment has  to be when Bhola tells his cousin Komal that he likes a girl who does not happen to be Mumtaz Begum, but Noori. Surprisingly the innocent Bhola that he is, he doesn’t remember her name. So, clearly we’re seeing a new angle that may uncover with Bhola and Noori. Also, we witness Bhola’s desperation to get out of the house because he feels trapped by his mother and considers her evil.
  • Sahir has gotten arrested for theft and when Noori finds out, she without even thinking of the consequences heads over to the Police Station and lies to the officer in her desperation to see Sahir. In return Sahir gets upset to see her and doesnt want her to endanger her life so he asks her to leave, but he also tells her that he needs 1.5 million as bail money. So now Noori’s left in a fix because the kind of person that she is she and considering her feelings for Sahir, she cannot cannot let suffer. So, we see her asking her Qudsia baji for money and that’s where the episode ends.


The promo of episode 7 was slightly upsetting. Qudsia baji’s husband, well, he isn’t the holy man that he pretends to be and the Police Officer who has Sahir is questioning Noori’s absence and is considering her his accomplice. And Asma Abbas goes over to Amma Janatay looking for a potential girl for Bhola. Phew!

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Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.