Whoever quoted that, “Women need food, water, and compliments. That’s right – and an occasional pair of shoes” was making downright history. And if those shoes had a wee bit of height so that her world didn’t go flat, would be absolutely perfect.

The woman of today is burgeoning on the idea of seeking the finer things in life, beauty and a bit of height, and possibly a great pair of shoe can give her the much needed stature. Paizaar is that one soon-to-be launched footwear brand in Pakistan that is going to offer luxury, comfort and value – whatever you decide to choose from their High Value Luxury Line or Value Footwear, because there is a bit of both for a wide clientele that will shop from Paizaar.

Housed under the luxury clothing brand, Sable Vogue, Paizaar is led by Sanam Zahid, who is striving to introduce a custom-designed women’s footwear line with semi and informal shoes. Sanam comes from a rich ethnic background and has fused her vision of east meets west in the hand-made luxury leather and value footwear for you this summer. The High Value Luxury Line has a sole made of leather with a two inch block heel so you can stand out at one of your next meet & greet, whereas the Value Footwear donnes custom brooches especially designed by a jewelry designer to give each pair of shoe character and your lawn outfit a life. But what’s the catch? Both the lines at Paizaar, prize on comfort, style and durability.

With a handful of enduring shoe brands in Pakistan, Paizaar intends to offer versatility that is crafted with a flair for creativity, love for shoes and smart luxury. Since their footwear is a summer line, their shoes are mostly bejeweled open back footwear and designs made with pure leather. You can fuse your favourite pair of shoes from Paizaar with any kind of look you pick because they are going to be a classy alternative to over expensive brands. So let the heels you wear today talk the walk!

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.