Episode 3 of Ehd-e-Wafa was 3 things: reckless, emotional and playful.

The last 2 episodes focused on the fun and lighthearted side of the SSG, with little or no details for some of the characters. However, episode 3 was quick to catch up and remind us that Ehd-e-Wafa is not just about play. This episode took us into lives of Shahzain, Shariq, Saad and Shehryar, four boys with 4 completely different backgrounds, their lives as best friends and the journeys that each one of them will embark on.

Shahzain was yet again seen leading everyone, Saad was shown reminiscing his love, with Shariq and Sheheryar in the background (for now, we hope). What was interesting was how the chemistry and companionship and bromance of the SSG took a drastic and dramatic turn leading to life-altering consequences.


Rani is cheeky enough to fool her parents by dismissing the fact that she has failed in two subjects, and it seems like her family adores her. Even though Zara doesn’t have many scenes thus far, however she plays her screen time very convincingly. Moreover, we learn that Shahzain and Rani’s families are interconnected and both of them are alike in their ways so we’re looking forward to their banter.

Alizeh as Dua is definitely the weakest link because we have not seen anything come from her that would make us think that is she perfect for this role. When Saad bumps into her again while she and her cousins are having ice-cream, having her not react to a boy and his friends who are confessing Saad’s attraction towards Dua was painful to watch. Her “mute” astonished expressions and pursed lips makes us think that is definitely not the right choice to play this role for a girl who was shown getting out of the car in the middle of the road to ask why the car ahead of them was not moving.


When Raheel realizes that his cousin is being teased, the SSG gets caught in a brawl and the police intervene, taking Saad in captive. Shahzain and Sheheryar flee from the crime scene, feeling guilty afterwards for not saving Saad.


Since we had already met Saad’s family so his father is called in to address the situation. To watch Brigadier Faraz and Saad together was a treat because we felt his influence on Saad’s conscience for breaking his trust, which was visible after Saad breaks down in tears. And one by one the boys fall in the parent trap. Shahzain’s gets from his father, the quick whips and jovial personality so it was interesting to watch him celebrate his son’s release whereas Shahzain is shown disappointed for the SSG. Shehryar’s poor father goes in shock after hearing of his son’s misdemeanor, but it is Shariq’s bhabhi, has the most tormenting and soul-wrenching reaction to the news because of their poverty and depressing background. All these scenes were brilliantly executed by each and every character from the leads to the supporting actors and out of all the reactions, both Saad and Shariq’s scene were personally heart-breaking.


The 3rd episode was fast paced with a lot happening, however there was one particular scene that caught our attention. When Raheel and his family meet the Principal of Lawrence College, Raheel explains the scenario and Dua’s uncle thanks the Principal for handling the situation by saying that “had the police taken our girls to the police station, our families would have committed suicide”. Honestly this clip was very disturbing because we’re still living in the medival times. Despite all the movements, the rights, hullabaloo, we’re still stuck with the adage that a girl’s honor will be maligned if she is seen or has been to a police station.


Episode 3 was so dramatic, and now episode 4 is going to have more drama, confrontation and perhaps separation and we have mixed feelings about this. So, stay tuned.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.