We’re deep into episode 9 of Ehd-e-Wafa and so far the story has developed into much more than what it began with, and all the four main characters of the SSG are now in their space and time zone, leading their own paths as individuals. We didn’t realise that we’d be glued to the screens and anticipate the events in Saad, Shahzain, Shehryar and Shariq’s lives.

Saad and Dua are in the budding phase of getting to know each other and his camaradrie with Gulzar at the PMA add the fun and comic element in their lives and amassed the viewers attention, Shehryar surprised us by playing the most positive role after he decided to visit Shahzain to find out the reason behind his intent to marry Dua. But it is Shariq, who was MIA after the first two episodes, who without his friends support has grown into a willful and determined young man.

Episode 9 was effective in terms of the plot, and we personally love the background and the way it is used to compliment the thought and mood, Rani always grabs our attention, Dua has opened up within her role and now we have Ramsha (Hajra Yamin) a strong headed TV reporter and possibly Shariq’s love interest.


Shehryar has turned out be a great friend after all because when he finds out that Shahzain intends to marry Dua, he immediately heads over to his dada’s dera to punch some sense in him. Their conversation was one of the highlight scenes of episode 9 because Shehryar smartly managed to convince Shahzain of the big mistake he’d be making and that the SSG would never be one. Moreover, he also brought Shahzain to tears when he told him that Saad wanted to unite all of them.

In the end it all came down to the fact that Shahzain was merely angry at Saad and whatever transpired between them blew up for no good reason, and he was only doing this to get back to Saad. However what perturbs us is that the writer put Shahzain’s character in a lot of negative light that it was impossible for us to like him, and their friendship had completely lost it’s balance.

Two things that will happen though are, that Rani and Shahzain have hope now and we will see more of these two, secondly Saad knows that Malik Allah Yar came for the rishta for Dua so his reaction (just might) trigger an other war between him and Shahzain.


Shariq tracks Ramsha who is covering Jajji Pehlewan’s case and shows her evidence that would put him behind bars, also in the hopes of climbing the ladder to success with his passion brewing. However little did he know that the CEO of the news channel is also Jajji’s puppet and therefore he removes all evidence that would indict him. This part of the show highlights the corrupt system we unfortunately live in and how everyone from the health, law force and media services are catering to the dirty and influential.

The entire sequence did make one thing clear though and that is, Shariq will be out of danger, but we’re not sure if he will continue his position as a Junior Reporter (which was offered to him). Moreover, Ramsha (played by Hajra Yamin) has brought a breath of fresh air and her pairing with Shariq could ignite an “interest” in each other. Hajra’s a fabulous actor and a delight to watch. We’re looking forward to their story as it develops.


The phone call between Saleem Uncle and Ammi was a cute reminder of the things youngsters do when they are in love. And it was interesting to watch Saad and Dua quickly bond over the first few meetings and just dwell in the the getting-to-know-each other phase.


Gulzar’s character has become everyone’s favourite. He is a natural actor and thoroughly entertaining and his chemistry with Ahad Raza Mir has become the talk of the town. Ahad and Adnan Samad together create an element of genuine friendship and understanding which is comical to watch. However the best part of the episode was when we found that GULZAR HAD PASSED HIS SALUTE TEST.

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Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.