Episode 2 of Ehd-e-Wafa was refreshing and fun to watch. Even though the SSG had its moments, however the episode belonged to Shazain and Saad. Ahad Raza Mir was great, however we love OKB’s comic timing and humourous remarks since he is the one who always comes up with a plan of action including screen time. Is this deliberate or a coincidence, we’ll find out as we go along on this journey with the SSG.

To watch four friends on a journey of fun and togetherness is a treat. Anyway here’s a crux of the episode and what we thought.


Zara Noor has given her character, Rani the right amount of energy and drama. The way she broke out in the tragic opening scene whilst trying to cover up her failure in front of her mother set the tone yet again and what all we can expect from her.  She will say and do anything to save her life because of her naïveté. We also know that Rani is paired opposite Shazain (played by Osman Khalid) and they both seem some what alike, playing smart but innocently clever at the same time, so we’re looking forward to their banter and repertoire as a couple.



From the assembly scene to the boys getting worried over being punished after Khurshid, to concocting plans to escape from confrontation with the Headmaster shows the fun and amusing side of the teenage life and life of boys at a hostel. The chemistry all four friends shade is fun to watch because you never know what they’ll do next. Their interaction is always witty and comical.


Saad bumps into Dua and completely gets smitten with her. From his expression to body language of a boy attracted to a girl was swiftly performed, however Dua’s performance (moments with her cousin and at the bakery) haven’t excited us, so we’re not sure of her role as yet. What was surprising that we could see Dua’s cousin in the car waiting for her and  Dua’s inability to react to the whole situation with silence when Saad bumps into her was a failed moment. That doesn’t really happen in real life now! So we’re going to give Shahzain and Saad credits for this scene especially because it was Shahzain who took the lead later and went ahead posing as a pathaan to find out about Dua’s whereabouts.


Our favourite scene from episode 2 of Ehd-e-Wafa is the opening clip with the incoherent and almost comical signing of the national anthem. It instantly reminded us of our time at school with some energetic but mostly dull performance of the national anthem early in the morning during assembly.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.