Self-empowerment and discovery is weaved in Outfitter’s Ethnic’s Ready-To-Wear line, Etoile. Designed for the young and modern girl who loves experimenting with fashion, embrace new styles and craves to look unique is the “Etoile” girl because she’s creative, fun and super cool.

Fashion is an art, so if you’re looking for simplistic street style fashion fused with the core values of Outfitter’s Ethnic, Etoile offers a variety of trendy pieces in solid colours, checks, stripes and denims that are smartly incorporated to make girls look young and hip for a casual day out. So if you’re a school or college going girl, Etoile is a break from pomp and show, and hits the right chord with punch words, embroidered patterns and florals that will make you look your age. You get the right length, the perfect cut and an outclass ready-to-wear because the idea behind Eoile was to step outside the comfort zone of “prints” and  play with plain coloured fabric, denims and checks!

The design team behind Etoile is a lot of youthful and fashion forward young people who know fashion and what the “Etoile” girl should be wearing on an average day. So, each outfit was well thought off by keeping minute details in mind in terms of style, pattern, design and fabric. We know life is too short to be boring; therefore Etoile is a sustainable fashion line for girls who want to have a great time and be owned by a brand that will flaunt minimalism and style that is in vogue without costing them a leg and an arm.

Are you there yet? Because if you aren’t, then why don’t you click to find out what we’re talking about, because you just might be the “Etoile” girl that we’re talking about!

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.