Amna Baber and Sadaf Kanwal are the most sought-after models in the fashion world and yet their personal styles are poles apart, which make us slightly envious of their fashion choices. Humph! From their well-curated and fun airport looks to their travel photos, these two ladies certainly know how to dress for the party, acing one look after other. If Amna Babar is class and sass, Sadaf Kanwal is comfort and style – either way, we’d do anything to take a peek into their wardrobes.

So, here’s a fashion (face-off) between the two most fashionable girls in town right now.

Let’s face it, despite their style differences, both Amna Baber and Sadaf Kanwal look chic with their on-point sartorial choices. Amna Baber’s polka dotted top and head accessory is currently trending and Sadaf Kanwal’s vibe over all makes her approachable.

Amna Baber exudes class and triumph through all her walks (literally) and she looks like a Hollywood diva who is no less than a fashionista, whereas Sadaf Kanwal prefers a more comfortable look because fashion is more than just a pretty dress right?

Amna Baber makes a simple dress the most wanted item because she can pull it off, even a in-my-pj’s look like a pro, and Sadaf Kanwal makes her self-confidence shine even in a sweat shirt and pants.

Amna Baber is a brand loyalist, from her shoes to her accessories and, of course, her outfits, and peeks each look. Sadaf Kanwal is your girl next door, who wears whatever she feels like wearing and looks really good.

Even an eastern look on Amna Baber blends into her saucy personality, and Sadaf Kanwal despite keeping it casual, charms us with her attitude.

In short, who reigns out of these two? We can’t decide. Can you?

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.