Not entirely new, but still as amazing as it was the day it opened its doors in Lahore, Gaia is one of a kind Japanese fusion restaurant. With a very well thought out menu, exquisite ingredients, delectable food and a great ambiance, Lahore is loving Gaia and the restaurant is reciprocating with delicious food.

From the prawn tempura, to the fried tofu and the sushi rolls, there is nothing on the menu that has yet to disappoint us. Now that the new basement experience has been inaugurated, Lahore can truly enjoy a fine dining unlike any other in the city.

Asim was a wonderful host to us the afternoon we decide to catch up on some one on one time and we look back at the experience fondly.

The food is fresh and the recipes well designed. If we force ourselves to critique, on a regular day you might find the service a little tardy, this perhaps the only build we could think of which can help make this one of your best local culinary experiences.


Having said that, we personally visit the place almost every week, and always love the food. Here is a look at the experience and the food in the next webisode of SiddySays gastronomic journey.