“Generation breaking stereotypes with their latest campaign…”
“Generation, Pakistani’s iconic Ready-To-Wear brand…”
“Generation wows us with a winning social media campaign…”

Generation is perhaps Pakistan’s only brand who’s unwavering loyalty to celebrating the diversity in our culture, fine craftsmanship and indigenous techniques, is awe-inspiring. From representing our pride – our motherland to highlighting social movements through the use of fabrics, designs, and people, the brand has housed subtly into our hearts. However, amidst the heart-touching and soul-bearing movements, the love for our land triumphs far and beyond, and therefore can be seen in Generations F/W 18′ campaign, Sohni Dharti.

Over the past year, our beautiful land has been going through drastic changes through hazardous environmental issues that are crumbling the very soul of this very ground that we walk on. Air pollution, scarce water resources, less trees and an increase in carbon dioxide are atrocious reminders that it’s about time that we as citizens of this nation start taking, even though small, but crucial steps to reclaim our sohni dharti in all it’s glory and form, and become the backbone for the future generations to come.

To create awareness and let out a call of change, Sohni Dharti is a promise that has been endorsed by a group of people who believe in the cause. Conceptualised by a talented young Photographer Umar Nadeem, with hair and makeup by Fatima Nasir and styling by Azka Shahid, the campaign features model Eman Suleman, whose known to bring light to multiple environmental and political issues including the water emergency currently being faced by the country. She is joined by Hairstylist, and Philanthropist Saleha Amin, who abides by no make up. Alongside Iman Shahid, Actress and an Animal Welfare Enthusiast and Aaleen Shafaat, an Athlete and a student of Psychology.


  • To avoid the adverse ill health effects of pollutants in the air, especially smog now that Winters are approaching, masks can help to protect you from inhaling the dangerous particulates in the air.
  • Fabric bags is yet another great way to avoid using plastic bags and live in an environment friendly zone because the biggest perk of having a fabric bag is that they are re-washable and re-usable. Fabric bags can be easily made by re-purposing old clothes, so you can either make them yourself or ask your tailor to make them for you!
  • The issue of water scarcity is at an alarming high and Pakistan will run dry by 2025, so the gallons of water represent this on-going crisis and how we need to take preventive measures by constructing water reservoirs before the nation goes dry!
  • Air pollution is responsible for many deaths as well as illnesses on the rise by damaging health and the quality of life. Women use dupatta to cover their nose and mouth from inhaling and avoiding exposure to the polluted air.
  • The rate of deforestation in Pakistan is at an all time high which is why we need the govermental and non-govermental organization to active regarding deforestation and environemntal care.



Sohni Dharti draws intake from the heritage and crafts Sindhi sheesha work, regional hand embroideries found with the natives and traditional chintz print incorporated on quality fabric to ensure the highest standard of customer satisfaction and appeal. The idea is to sell quality clothing instead of a wide variety of clothes. Moreover, Generations Sohni Dharti is OUT NOW, in stores and online!

You can check it out and play your part by joining us to promote the environmental issues that prevail in our society, and excercise an active role in diminishing them by visiting us on our social media platforms.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst. Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast