White Sneakers

Hey, fellas! Guess what – we have fallen in love (again!) with a trend that has been making headlines since last year and looks like its not fading into oblivion anytime soon. Talk about a product that instantly lends a fresh, crisp look to your attire and, added bonus: it’s comfortable.

We are crying! Who would have thought that there shall come a time when comfort and fashion shall be used in a single sentence?

The reason behind our understandable excitement, of course, is those white kicks that everybody has been sporting lately. The absolute best part is that it’s a unisex trend so don’t have to sweat yourself browsing endlessly through the stores to find yourself a pair that suits your mood, or, gender.

A thorough favourite of folks across the world, this athleisure white sneakers trend comes in a number of variety: ranging from all-white basics to cushion-heeled, or some with even added ornamental details if that’s what you prefer.

We have put together a few of our local favourites; see what suits your personal style!

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White Sneakers MANGO

This cushion-heeled pair is what dreams of comfort are made of. To make it even more irresistible, added to it the back is gold-foil detailing.

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