Well, Ramsha Khan is one of those rare performers who is by all means a superstar but she can act so well, you would think she belongs to parallel cinema. Take Ghisi Piti Mohabbat for instance. Ramsha Khan delivers a stellar performance in the drama. There are many scenes, where are we left in awe of her. The command she has on her craft is incredible. Here is a list of scenes where she really killed it.


Samiya the Story Teller

First impressions make all the difference, right? Samiya’s intro to her life story got us hooked to the drama. Her effervesce, ingenuity and sarcasm, we know we would be following Samiya’s journey till the end.

Samiya the Entrepreneur

Well, we all knew she was gutsy character but when she asks her mother for assistance for opening her own business, it gave us goosebumps. She has had enough of the patriarchy and now wants to things her own way. In one of the last scenes of the drama, she makes quite an impression

Samiya the Aggressor

“Han to meray Abba toh night club mai nachtay hai na”

This is certainly a meme worthy line. When being confronted by a work colleague for not observing idat, Samiya’s gives him a piece of her mind. It’s subtly explosive…in an instant, Ramsha Khan goes from despondent to ballistic. A scene and a half, that one.

Samiya the Pause Master

This one is more Ramsha Khan then Samiya, I guess. But when her mom (Samiya’s) tries to decide her future…things don’t go down well for her. In no uncertain terms, she is told by Samiya basically “Ma Lifz ma Rulz”…well a lot more seriously. And then she pauses before walking away…chills guys literal chills

Samiya the Believer

“Pehli mohabbat se zayda tabahkun hoti hai dosri mohabbat. Kyun k ye nataej jan nay k bawajood ke jati hai.”

Another killer line on the occasion of her third marriage (spoiler alert). It reflects Samiya’s sincerity, despite whatever life has thrown on her, she still believes.

Written by Faryal Syed
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