Bryggen Restaurant Lahore

I have a weakness for European Food, and having worked with Scandinavians for many years, so I am quite familiar with the food and style of cooking. Which is why the sound of a Norwegian Chef was music to my ears and TeamSiddySays decided to land at Bryggen for dinner.

Boasting of an ‘almost’ Michelin star chef (whatever that means) Bryggen is located on MM Alam Road in Lahore. Housed in an old building, it exudes charm and a very rustic appeal. As you enter you are greeted by a very welcoming staff into what you can call a very formal looking dinning area with high black wooden classic dinning chairs (very old European)

Even though the décor didn’t score a 10 with us, we waited anxiously to see the menu and sample some authentic Scandanavian food. Much to our dismal the food failed to score much either….here is our guide to the place!

BRYGGEN - Pakistan

Visit Bryggen Restauran in Lahore if you:

1. Like having a lot of options on the menu to choose from

2. Enjoy hospitable service

3. Like big portions of food

4. Don’t pay attention to presentation and plating (too much iceberg in the pantry I suppose)

5. Enjoy a good bread basket

Do Not visit Bryggen if you:

1.  Are looking for great tasting food-its at best, average!

2. Looking for something for a Lahori Palette: Scandinavian Food is miles apart from desi food.

3. Want a fine dinning option (more attention to detail would help)

4. Looking for an inexpensive meal (read value for money)

5. Want a different variety of sides on various dishes (almost all sides are the same)

Here is what we ordered:


Salmon Soup-had loads of Salmon but not enough flavor unfortunately

Caprese Salad-the tomatoes weren’t ripe and there was that lettuce again!!


Grilled Chicken with Date Sauce

Beef Steak with two way sauce (Mushroom and Black Pepper)


We didn’t make it that far!!

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.