Jade Cafe Lahore

When a successful restaurant branches out to a new food venture, it is always interesting to see how things will pan out. Whether the new place would be more, less or equally successful as the prior venture, or will it affect the business of the already up and running restaurant.

Things become even more interesting when the concepts of two places, owned by the same person/group, is completely different.

When we heard about JADE Café, a swanky coffee/breakfast place opening up (almost) inside (and owned by) China Town, it definitely got our attention. Having heard rave reviews from those who had visited, the team decided to have a Sunday breakfast (along with the kiddies) at JADE Cafe Lahore.

Since it was a day off and we reached the place around noon, it was packed. Despite having an indoor and outdoor seating area, there was not a single free table. Even though we were accommodated quickly, it did take rather long to place and receive our order. A breakfast meeting that would ordinarily take an hour took us almost two. Partly because the service was compromised owing to the rush (we were offered a slice of carrot cake as a goodwill gesture as we waited), partly because the food was so good, we didn’t want to stop eating.

When the very diverse breakfast we had ordered arrived, it was hot and delicious–and the staff attentive and courteous. So if you want to head out to JADE Cafe Lahore, here are some of our thoughts:

Jade Cafe Lahore

Visit JADE Café if:

1. You want to try something different for breakfast: we recommend the Shakshuka (Western Skillet)

2. Want a good choice for breakfast, not just eggs (we saw someone have a pizza!)

3. Are a tea drinker (almost 10 types of tea are on offer)

4. You are looking for a very reasonably priced place (for what you get)

5. Crave a Nutella French Toast (looked like it might just kill you of happiness!)

Don’t Go to JADE Café if:

1. You want a full variety of desi breakfast (only Pakistani Omellete and Paratha available)

2. Want a quiet breakfast (it is a popular destination these days)

3. Are on a diet (it is a challenge not to eat a lot)

4. You want a quick breakfast on a day off  (even though you just might receive free cake while you wait!!)

All in all, we will definitely visit again. For now, here is what we ordered

  • 1. Shakshuka (Western Skillet and Spanish Skillet)
  • 2. Philly Cheese Steak Omelette
  • 3. Roast Beef Panini
  • 4. Cinnamon French Toast
  • 5. Cappuccino and Black Coffee


Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.