One of the most loved cuisines in Pakistan, after desi food, undoubtedly is far eastern cuisine. Back in the day, we grew up on Pakistani version of Chinese food, then came the more sophisticated authentic Chinese restaurants, followed by Thai food becoming increasingly popular and Sushi becoming all the rage!

Lately we have seen many places open up claiming to serve authentic far eastern cuisine, and we have tried each one of them (being the foodies we are) which is why when we heard of JING-Far Eastern Wok Works on MM Alam Road in Lahore, TeamSiddySays was eager to try it out.

Owned by Marium Saqib (who also runs the very successful Veranda Bistro) JING is a modern far eastern restaurant with a contemporary layout, (no red lanterns or kimonos to be seen here) which is a refreshing change from the type of  restaurants we are used to. The staff is courteous, smiling and well groomed (we are done with ill fitted uniforms) and the service is timely and spot on!


Visit JING if you:

-like a relaxed, unassuming, chic atmosphere!

-want plenty of choices on the menu

-crave for very authentic Tom Yum Goong

-when you say you want spicy-you mean it!

-like being served big portions of everything you order

-are looking for fast service

-enjoy poultry dishes (chicken oyster was the best of what we tried)

Do not visit JING if you:

-like a lot of sauce on your Tamarind Fish

-are used to desi version of far eastern food

-are looking for a cheap meal

-want a variety of desserts (ice cream is on the menu)

-are a beef fan (they had not started serving beef dishes when we visited)

-really dislike a little excess oil in your food

In a nutshell, JING is a fun, young and (quite) authentic far eastern restaurant, most ideal for lunchtime.

Here is what we ordered:

Soup and Starter:

Tom yum Goong amd Stir Fry Mushrooms


Tamarind Fish and Oyster Chicken.

Vegetable Fried Rice and Prawn Chowmein,

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.