Zucchini Cafe Lahore

The name “Zucchini Cafe” got our attention even before the restaurant opened its doors to customers. However, we had our fingers crossed after being disappointed one time too many with new ventures that prove to be unauthentic and simply more of the same!

Luckily, Zucchini was a different experience. The place although doesn’t look like a café, more like a restaurant, but is comfortable in its seating. The staff makes you feel at home and is ready to recommend with hands on knowledge about the menu and food. Situated on MM Alam Road in Lahore, here is our guide if you are thinking of a visit!

Visit Zucchini Café if you:

Like a menu that is smartly designed! And you pay for the quality you get.

Want authentic Pesto sauce-its the finest we have tasted in Pakistan

Are a steak lover-the Angus steak will just melt in your mouth

Like your pizza the way Italians do-the crust is perfect in texture and its not laden with toppings!

Want hearty portions-enough to fill you and not kill you!

Are looking for healthy options on the menu-you can have a Mediterranean meal without having the carbs!

Mezza Platter is a must have for you-its done to perfection!

Do not visit Zucchini Café if:

You are looking to just skim through food-every bite has to be savored.

Desserts are the high point of your meal-we feel a little more work can be done here.

Salmon Tarter is your choice of appetizer-the cream was over powering the taste of the fine fish!

You don’t like trying out creative food- there was grilled chicken stuffed with prawns on the menu.

Here is what we ordered:


Seafood Chowder Soup, Avocado and Prawn Salad (or was it shrimp!), Salmon Tarter

Main Course:

Black Angus Beef Steak (highly recommended), Mexican Chicken, Bow Tie and Fettuccini Pastas, Grilled Vegetable Pizza, Red Snapper with Tarragon Sauce


Tiramisu, Crème Brule



Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.