Hair Color Myths by Juggun Kazim Garnier

Colored hair is common these days; both among men or women. Ranging from streaking, to full head dye, lowlights, highlights dip-dye and many more techniques we have seen it all through the years. Of course, there are many who dye their hair for fashion but some dye out of necessity as well. Asking questions about damage, hair fall, proper color coverage is only natural. However, most of the information going around are only hair color myths.

We got in touch with the fabulous Juggun Kazim, the Garnier brand ambassador in Pakistan, to help us bust some hair color myths! So, before you dye your hair you should be well equipped with this pertinent information!


Hair Color Damages Hair:

Well, hair color doesn’t necessarily damage here, some of the ingredients in the hair colour do. Which is why it is important to read the label. If you use a hair color that provides you with natural olive oil, it will protect your hair from damage due to its nourishing factor. Personally, I use Garnier.

Hair Color Greys Hair:

Applying color to your hair should not grey it. The color is actually the pigmentation of hair follicles which is where the hair begins to grow on your scalp. This means that grey hair is simply caused by your genetic makeover.

If I pluck out one grey hair it will cause more to grow:

Plucking out hair is not recommended at all for grey or colored hair. However, seven more will not grow if you do end up plucking one out. Only 1 hair comes out of each hair follicle; no matter what color it is.

Does hair color cause hair fall?

Up to 100 strands of hair fall each day is considered normal. Having said that, there is no scientific proof that hair color cases any additional hair fall.

Summer Sun fades out hair color faster than the winter sun: 

It is not just the summer sun. Sun light causes hair color to fade no matter which season it is in.

I bought a hair dye; but the result is not the same as I see on the pack! 

As a general rule, hair color only changes color upto 2 levels at one time. If you want to make your hair lighter you should visit a professional.

Exposure to swimming pools or sea water damages the color result: 

Hair is similar to your skin and as such is prone to damage. The best way to avoid damage caused by swimming in the pool or sea water is to rinse your hair immediately after swimming. Wearing a swimming cap is also a highly recommended practice no matter if you hair is colored or not.

Exposing my hair to the sunlight is the best and healthiest way to lighten hair color: 

Absolutely not. Sunlight causes damage to your hair as to your skin.

All shampoos and conditioner have the same results on colored hair: 

That is not true because not all shampoos and conditioners are formulated in the same way. For the best results use products that have been specifically designed for colored hair.

Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.