hair transformation

A hair transformation done right is like therapy for heart and soul. However I personally know so many people who have hair horror stories to narrate because something went wrong with the color, or they just couldn’t manage to blend the right shades.

I take hair transformation very seriously because I enjoy giving my look a lift every 6 months. A revamped a version of myself is just an awesome feeling and I have some of my go-to spots that I completely trust.

So, we curated a list of places in Lahore that are very good with hair transformations.


Junaid Khan is a professional hair and makeup artist and the Ethereal Salon is a hot spot for getting hair jobs done perfectly. No Unpleasant Surprises! You can just sit back and wait till Junaid gives your hair a boost.


Trained by the maestro himself (Mounir) Alveena Amir knows the hair affairs like no one else! She has a huge client base. Be it a haircut, restoring treatment, or a transformation you will leave the salon with your happiest self and the best ever hairs.


Meraki is the go-to place for skin and hair treatments in Lahore. However we are obsessed with their hair care and apart from using high quality products, they take hair transformations to a new level and you come out looking like a new person.


Wanna treat yo self? Let Ali Teiseen’s work wonders on your hair. We specifically appreciate their restorative approach when it comes to hair transformations. They will not make you go blonde straight fro jet black hair in a go. Rather a suitable timeline with gradual lightning will be followed to keep the integrity of your hair intact.


If you want a hue curated just for you head over to Numra’s. Blends like Bronde Balayage and Havana brown are some of our favorites.
We personally like how they pay attention to what would suit the Pakistani woman’s skin tone.


If you have damaged hair, Ruby’s Split Ends is the answer. They offer several hair care treatments like botox to help revive dry damaged hairs but we love how they play with hair tones if you want to change your hair color. They are one of the best for hair transformations too that also within a friendly budget.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.