This wedding season is all about keeping it natural and minimal, so instead of experimenting with your face with loud makeup, try donning a stylish hairdo, because it’s going to one huge game changer for your look on D-day. These hairstyles can be worn on the mehndi or baraat, your call – but it keep it real and take inspiration from what we’re doing instead of giving yourself a style challenge.

These hairstyles are simple and easy to-do, so plan right at the time when you’re deciding on your dress and jewelry.  So, follow these simple steps and make your way to a fancy wedding hair do.

Ps. Thank you to Ms. Asma Tariq of Asma T. Salon for helping us create this look.

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Step 1:

Blowdry your hair with outward curls. Part your hair from the front with a side flick (whichever side you like) and back comb the hair on the crown.


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Written by Faryal Syed
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