Reckless contouring, strobing and baking are not the only ways to be picture perfect. Hairstyles, hair do’s or simply hair delineates and completely transforms our look if it is done the right way. We bring you our personal favorite hair trends (ponytail) for the SS’17 that is witnessed on some of the biggest names in the fashion and entertainment industry both locally and globally. ponytail in particular is one such hair trend that never seems to be outdated and yet gives a very chic and minimalist look. You can easily carry it off at any age with the right attire.

A perfect ponytail also shapes your face and frames it adding a subtle definition making your features prominent. I have noticed, it gives a mini face lift as well. And that is our focus too, to bring you some handy tips to follow and be at your best while keeping up with the trends.

Not to forget, we would like to thank Maryam Ali and team, founder of Blodry Bar to help us with these looks.

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step1Step 1:

Divide your hair into four sections and clip them separately. Two sections on the sides of your face, one at the back and one on the top crown. Now you have your hair separated into four equal parts.

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