In a world where men equate women with materialism and gain, the script of Alif comes through like a ray of light that sensitively deals with a subject like “religion”, where the Holy scriptures are easily manipulated when need be. But the Writer, Directors and Actors have brilliantly played out their roles and highlighted the essence of Islamic values through the power of emotions that you instantly become a part of their lives and are inclined to understand the true meaning of “everything”.

Probably with just a few more episodes left, the recent episode was a breakthrough for the characters that were involved; Sultan, Surraiya, Momin and Momina. It was full of confusion and shock, angst and pain with guilt, and a lot of hurt that all the actors managed to display in their respective roles was intense.


Momina drops out of Alif after everything that transpired between her and Momin, and she’s devastated, more so because she has feelings for Momin. And Momin on the other hand, after finding out the truth from Daud is feeling guilty (yet again), and therefore wants to make amends with her. But despite repeated calls to Momina to apologise for his behaviour, all hope fails because Momina doesn’t respond because this is a pattern for people like Momin.

In the real world, men like Momin our found in every nook and cranny who objectify women and want something in return, which is why women don’t trust men easily.


Knowing everything, Momina decided to rejoin the film because of her best friends sake and her impending marriage to Daud and she also recommends some changes in the film’s script, which we’re assuming will reveal more about Husn-e-Jahan’s life that Momin is unaware of, stating from the scene when Momin is going through the changes she has recommended and calls her instantly.


Momin became a completely different person when he met with Surraiya at Momina’s house and to see them interact was heart-warming became Momin’s personality, and the traits that he was so adoringly loved for whilst growing up shone through his grownup self. There was kindness, love and respect between them, and when Momina enters her house, she sees it too.


The confrontation between Sultan and Momin was the highlight of the entire episode because it revealed the ultimate truth that separated Husn-e-Jahan and Taha, and of course Momin could not handle the truth. Even though Sultan may have not wanted to break it upon Momin, but to have him live with half of the truth, and unknowingly hurt Husn-e-Jahan’s memory led him to behave so crudely with him. It was in this scene that we realised that how perfect Hamza Ali Abbasi was for this role; he was lost in translation and unable to grasp the truth, struggling between what he had believed to be the truth his entire life and what Sultan had told him. HOW COULD HE BE THE REASON WHY HIS PARENTS SEPARATED, broke him and he leaves.


What did exactly happen to Husn-e-Jahan is what we’re going to find out next. Whom did she meet after Momin was sent away to Turkey?Did she actually commit suicide as everyone else believed? There are still many answers unanswered. Naturally Momin will want to find out the truth, so we might see him meet Sultan with questions of his own or Momina might play a role in bringing Momin closer to the truth.


Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.