Hello there. Do you also go through what we do?  Are you also eternally famished at all hours of the day, no matter how much you have stuffed yourself. We are always craving for something or the other and leave no stone unturned to entertain our hunger pangs.

In our opinion, snacking is a modern day diet issue, which is probably not a great contributor to fat loss. Have you ever reflected on why we have cravings to snack? One reason is slow metabolism, oanother can be boredom and bad habits!! Snacking is quite normal and relatable but only beneficial if done in amanner leading to a healthy lifestyle. If you are the kind, who feels the need to snack on every now and then it is advised that you include snacks which don’t end up becoming mini meals as this will result in obvious weight gain. So you need to eat right to feel right!

Here is a list of carefully thought out and easy to prepare 5 healthy snacks which will be fulfilling and hopefully satisfying for your taste buds:

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shamikebabchickenShami Kababs:

It is a popular form of Kabab in Pakistan’s household and a mass favorite. Rich in terms of its  nutritional value, its low fat (please shallow fry in olive oil) and low calorie. This one in specific is ideal for an early dinner or a mid day snack after lunch as it is full of protein.

P.S make sure you use organic chicken or mutton and not beef.

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