ranjha ranjha kardi

Episode 9 of Ranjha Ranjha Kardi did not leave any stone unturned for Noori. And over all the episode had a great impact, as usual, and some great performances that will shape everyone’s life, especially Noori’s and Bhola in the upcoming episodes. So, this is how the entire episode culminates.

Noori gets out of jail by playing Haji Sahab, and he obviously wants his hands cleaned so he obliges, and that has Noori riled up because she wants nothing but to be with Sahir. However, her one-sided short love story comes to a very bitter and tragic end when Sahir tells her that he couldn’t be with someone with a criminal record. What this moment shows us is the utter indifference and hypocrisy our society abides by, and how it is okay for men to do things and be accepted, whereas a woman is rejected. It also told us that, Sahir was okay with the fact that Noori used that money on him, (just as long as he was out), but he has decided not to be with her and turns her away. Shauka on the other hand is prepared to marry Noori and that is unacceptable for her therefore she does what the situations reveals best to her – Noori escapes only to return disappointed, heart-broken and in absolute despair and we know why. Our sweet Bhola escapes yet again and his mother, naturally in his absence, worries for him. Anyway, episode 9 taught us a few new things; Sahir is a no longer a mystery and he’s finally revealed his true colours, so we wont be guessing his next thought or move. Moreover, men like Sahir, Shauka and Haji Sahab who pretend to have high morals in society, are actually the filth that is tarnishing everybody’s reputation – not something new, but a reminder for us!


Iqra Aziz and Noor ul Hassan were by far the heroes of this episode. Both the protagonist and antagonist were heads on with each other in their respective roles and made us cry in pain and anger. Iqra owned episode 9 from the moment it played till her last scene, her bouts of frustration, disarray and desperation kept us glued to the screen. But Noor ul Hassan and his antics is what keep us surprised. Who knew he could act so unbelievably well? He makes Shauka so much real and possibly the best villain in a long time.



Even though the entire episode was quite thrilling but we did have a favourite scene which was very poignant and heart breaking. And it was when Noori comes back to Amma Janate after being thrown out by Sahir, the brilliant way that she gave her speech on wanting to be loved and respect, but isn’t worthy of it because of people’s so- called standards showed how lost Noori was and how it will be a turning point in her life.

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi’s episode 10 is yet another anticipating hour. Noori is disgraced and lost, Bhola has escaped, and we see Noori submitting to the reality, now we don’t know what that reality is, either she agrees to marry Shauka OR she agrees to a certain marriage proposal by Bhola’s mother (who  knows, right?) but let’s find out their fates in the next episode.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.