You spend more time with your coworkers than with anyone else if you’re working 5 days a week, so you are certified to pinpoint their mannerisms at work. Some are hilarious, some are too much to take on while others are non existent. The situation is almost comical.

So, your office space will have A LONG LIST OF TYPES OF COWORKERS that you see and interact with on a daily basis, and here are 6 common types of coworkers that we have and should know how to deal with.

Ps. Once you can handle these people, you’ll be on your way to a doctrate on “how to handle different types of people”… JK!



Nothing rare, every office has a Chatty Cathy because they can yammer for hours without even realising that the other person is too polite to tell them to just… shoo! So, here’s what you should do when you see them 2 feet away, heading towards you. Ps. advice like “ignore her and she will get the message” or “look busy” may not work well with them.

So, you do this. Make a declarative statement, like your bummed with work and will catch up with the story later on. This way you will show Chatty Cathy that you are not up for long chats during work hours.



Bullies just don’t hang around in the playground. They insult you, pick on you and behave like they are the boss.

So, you simply don’t give in to their gimmicks, not once and don’t even tolerate their behavior. Talk to your coworkers about them and make a collective effort to undermine them by taking the full force on them. Often bullies need to be told (through power) that they are overshadowed.



The loudspeaker was a great invention until that co-worker of yours started using it for every call. Just a coincidence that he gets a call every 15 minutes. And when they are not on phone they are continuously creating noise to ensure you of their presence while talking, eating, and even moving around.

There are many ways to deal with the louder speaker, however if it’s making you unproductive at work, speak up for yourself. Tell them that you are not interested to listen to all the babbling of him, his family, friends, and the neighbors dog.



Imagine you gave your last breath to make that project successful and someone in your team is doing exact opposite. The slackers want to do the least and wiggle their way out.

So, this is what you should do. While it might be tempting to complain about them right away but a little emotional intelligence might save you both. Help them by giving a defined time frame or offer a little challenge like most of the other people think we cannot make it happen let’s prove them wrong.



To this person, the world has been entirely utterly cruel, selfish, and whatnot. They’re upset with management, with the canteen, with the weather, with lights, and with the direction of the winds. And giving them some sense is a waste of time.

So, don’t believe them, and try to avert their toxic energy by confront them simply because these people are most of the time unaware of their impact on others.



This person knows all the hot and not-so-hot gossip updates and is willing to pour down your ears at every chance they get. They are the chronic case of venting just about everything surpassing the office set limits and the comfort of others.

So, in such cases be very vigilant and mention it the very first time that you are not up for discussing such matters and this simply is not the best place for this. Setting up your boundaries and having these respected is your right.