FINALLY an episode that covered the lives of the SSG and where they’re all individually headed, was a sigh of relief. The bond between Saad, Shahzain, Shehryar and Shariq started out as the highlight of show soon turned sour and left pretty much zero interest for me to watch the show up until now. Episode 7 covered where the 4 boys are heading in their lives.

The cadet life and Saad’s transformation are by far the most anticipating scenes for me, especially his chemistry with Gulzar and how their antics makeup for their journey at PMA, back in his village, Shahzain’s stuck in a rut, but we’re super glad for the writer to bring back Shehryar and Shariq. Thank God! Never say never right?

So, what’s going on right now? Here’s an exciting down low:


  • Shariq has delved into a career in the media and he wants to become a Reporter. However his present role as an office boy does not satiate him so the conversation between him and colleague to start a YouTube channel was a great kick and we’re looking forward to how he’s going to open up in digital media as it might be a turning point in his life.
  • The studious Sheheryar goes to college, however he also has no choice but to help his ailing father and play band baja at a wedding. The scene in the van with the band and the grim look on his face was upsetting to see how things had panned out for him.


  • Honestly, I’ve had a change of heart for Shahzain. He started out as the glue that would hold the SSG together and we were in awe of his playful act, however after his fall out with Saad and egotistical behaviour to marry the girl Saad likes, has showed us that he is narrow minded and weak as a person just to get back to him. And that is a dangerous trait to have in a friend.
  • It was nice to see more of Zara as Rani and I liked the sketch of Shazain and Rani’s first meeting. Rani is head over heels for Shahzain and even though Shahzain deviated for a second over how pretty Rani is, but that wasn’t enough for him to instantly fall for her and say yes to their marriage. Looks like Rani will have to live with unrequited love since her lover’s eyes are lingering on another.


Besides Saad fulfilling his duties at PMA, another scene that perfectly blended with the script was Saad and Dua’s meeting at the bus station, with both of them waiting to home for vacation. For the first time I felt that Ahad and Alizeh have real chemistry and it was evident the way they exchanged glances. I’m so glad that Alizeh decided to take the bus later with Saad, which was the perfect meet-cute between two budding lovers. Moreover, I am glad that Dua spoke up about the proposal that Malik Allah Yar and his family came with, which means that this issue will addressed soon. AND it also means that things are going to turn nasty once Saad confronts Shahzain with it. Yikes!


We loved the entire episode, however the scenes that stood out for us were not of the SSG, but the way the Director has showed the life of cadets at military school, the rigorous training and exercises that they have to go through, and how discipline is the key that shapes their entire lives. To be in an atmosphere where Pakistan has honed examples for the entire nation was both glorious and profound.

You can watch episode 7 of Ehd-e-Wafa right here:


Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.