hoop earrings

After makeup, a woman’s second love affair is with her jewelry, and no matter what her age is, or what she does, earrings are a go-to favourite for so many of them. There are many styles to choose from once you start looking for something in particular and out of the abundance of designs, one of the most popular is HOOP EARRINGS.

Hoops have been a staple and a classic for women of all ages starting from the 60’s down to the 90’s, and now we’re in 2018 and still going stronger than before. They are comfortable to wear and you can either dress them up or down, the perfect hoop earrings can give your face the edge that will take your look right into the “trendiest”.  Think J. Lo or the Karadashians. So check out how should you be wearing hoops today and match them up in your lifestyle.

Gold & White Hoop Earrings

Even though hoops may come in many colours, the standards are worn in silver and gold. Wearing hoops is like a classic look that truly never goes out of style even if you’re sporting a gypsy-nomadish look.

gold & white hoop earrings

XXL Hoop Earrings

It’s true because if wear  big hoops they are naturally going to draw attention towards you. So, if you want all eyes on you, go all out! And, hey, wear a red pout!

XXL hoop earrings

Cool Girl Look

The shape of the hoops defines your face so if you have more than one piercing, rock the cool girl look by wearing two different sizes of hoop earrings, one big and one small!

hoop earrings

Geometric Shaped Hoop Earrings

Different shaped hoops give out a modern and chic vibe to you and your outfit. So add that pizzazz with geometrically shaped hoops and say hello!

geometric shaped hoop earrings

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast