We had a fantastic time shooting this one for HOSPSCOTH. Mainly because our little ones were playing dress up!

Raniya, Alyssa and Zakriya out and about on albeit a hot but a fun day. While we show you how amazing these three looked for the EID dress up shoot, lets also share why we love Hopscotch!

1. The design is always at par with international trends!

2. The prices are good and wont break your back! P.S the sales are amazing-they really are

3. The stores are fun spaces where kids actually have fun shopping

4. You always find sizes, the inventory plan is great!


This Eid, the collection again is vibrant as kids wear must be! Whether it is Alyssa Bia’s colorful multi panel frock, Raniya’s Angrakha or  Zacks zesty yellow kurta-Hopscotch Eid collection is what we are choosing for the kiddies!






Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.