Morning Show Host

For most women morning shows are an essential part of their morning routine. A typical housewife switches on the TV either in the background while working about the house, or sits down after completing her chores to watch her favorite morning show that take up 2, yes 2 whole hours of her day Monday to Friday!

The biggest attraction of a morning show is The Host or in many cases The Hostess. Often seen as a savior, a solution provider for issues ranging from ‘what should I cook for my Mother in Law today’ to ‘please give me that lawn suit you are wearing’ a morning show host is nothing short of a demi godess, a queen. And might I add, these Goddess/God are making some big bucks while having a mad following.

So if you want to become a morning show Host/Hostess and bask in the glory you must embody a few important traits that are a rare find. Or just think of the money you will make and get a new personality!

Morning Show Host

  1. Be Mellow and Dramatic: You have to feel everything, all emotions, every word that comes out of anyone’s mouth on the set has to be felt in all its exaggeration. Without showing that depth or height of emotion a morning show host/hostess can not attract attention and retain an audience. So make sure your ooh aahs become hawwwwwwww and kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas
  2. Have a Group of Minions: If you don’t have at least 2 or 3 yes women around you, you are just not cutting it. Pay them, threaten them, blackmail them, but get two or three less successful actresses/actors to be your yes wo/men at least once a week (and they must be as melo or dramatic as you)
  3. Dress the Part: Since we are talking some serious money, make sure you chuck your personal style or taste in clothes. You will be required to dress the part. From a dulhan/dulha at her own wedding while hosting the wedding week or to be dressed head to toe in a scarf and abaya during Ramzan, you will have many shades to your personality and your wardrobe. If you can confuse the audience as to what you stand for, you are half way there!
  4. Arrange some Celebrity Weddings: If you don’t get some (almost) actors to get married on the sets of your show (which is at 9am in the morning) you won’t make it in this competitive field. It is very important to do all the wedding shananigans (except drop them off to the hotel) (wow that’s an idea) and also shed a few tears at the rukhsati.
  5. Get your Hands Dirty: You will have to play games. Musical chairs, passing the cushion (with punishments) and antakshari are few of the popular games morning show hosts play! Sometimes you will also have to play cooking games, and a hostess can never lose, so make sure you have your basic cooking skills in place (after all you are also an ideal daughter in law when not hosting).
  6. Ask Personal Questions and be Persuasive: Whether you are interviewing a celebrity or people on the road (chasing them in parks) you have the license to ask any level of personal question and nag them for an answer. If they don’t answer immediately, ask even more questions that lead to surrender.
  7. Self Projection: From how great a cook you are, to how successfully you manage home, kids and morning shows, if you blow your own trumpet successfully, you have made it in the industry. Remember to share personal stories that make you look even more glorious (fabricated or otherwise)
  8. Never be Embarrassed: Whether you are (chasing people in a park) out on the streets talking to people, in Gawalmandi having Nehari, going around a mall asking women about their domestic life or skin problem, never feel embarrassed to do anything. Swallow your pride and go for it.
  9. Be Repetitive: Have the same shows again and again, weddings, antaksharis, same celebrities, same stylists, same minions. Be repetitive and be repetitive.
  10. Invite Nadia Hussain: Everyone has done it, and keeps doing it again (see point above) and again. Whether you want to interview a dentist, a stylist, a model, an actress, a designer (lawn) Nadia Hussain is the most popular choice as a guest on a morning show, so make sure you are friends with NH.

And if you make it as a morning show host/ess do not be embarrassed to give a melodramatic shout out repeatedly to SiddySays!

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.