Television these days is becoming more and more irresponsible in its content. This is how we feel every time we flip from a TV Drama to a News channel. Whether its a polygamous relationship in a serial, or false reporting by anchors and journos, its very seldom that we see any content that contributes to the society in a positive way.

The youth is especially deprived, if not being corrupted, with the way things are going, as television is not just about entertainment it is about the right kind of exposure. In such disheartening circumstances, we see a ray of hope in the form of a business related reality show targeting the young entrepreneurs.

NEO Network is set to launch the show, ‘Idea Croro’n Ka’ which will give startup businesses a platform for raising investments on televison.

The prime purpose of the show is to bring investors and entrepreneurs together. The participants will audition for a spot on the show and the ones who go through further qualifies for the final round. Each episode of the show is then divided into three segments.

In the first segment (Pakistan kay startup), thorough negotiation will take place with the panel of investors and entrepreneurs on their ideas, the amount of investment and equity. Every pitch by the entrepreneur may or may not result in investment being raised by the startup.

The second segment (Himmat Karo Pakistan) features random people who are struggling running their businesses to earn a living. They will be scouted and invited to the show regardless of their education or society status. Such entrepreneurs will be given a prize money to help them upscale their business.

The final and the third round (Pakistan kay Heroes)  will showcase success stories of entrepreneurs who have struggled hard and have ultimately achieved success will be covered to motivate and inspire the viewers and young aspiring entrepreneurs.

Nabeel A. Qadeer (who is the lead, anchor and content producer of the show) is a certified Project Management Professional with over ten years of managerial experience. Having established two software development & consultancy firms he has always believed in empowering the youth of Pakistan to become job creators rather than job seekers. Nabeel took this as a golden opportunity to impact the ecosystem, he knew exactly what the entrepreneurial landscape of Pakistan needs, making ‘Idea Croro’n Ka’, a reality.


A special segment of the show will feature an expert who will bring his exceptional entrepreneurial experience to the table by advising the startups. The expert for the first season is none other than the Chairman of Punjab Information Technology Board, Dr. Umar Saif.

We hope such content will motivate and further increase the number of entrepreneurs in the country. Expected to go on air this month, we know we will be following the journey of some young dynamic minds.

For further details and updates on Idea Croro’nKa visit the official website page: and