When it comes to putting the ace sartorial foot forward and guarding an unprecedented status as the textile Mongol no one does it better than Gul Ahmed. Other than reproducing successful lawn-volumes season after season, we have seen Gul Ahmed trying out its aesthetic flamboyance in difference avenues such as Bridal Couture Weeks and Spring/Summer luxury prêt wear.

What’s different now is that it has allowed the in-house design team to take the leap of faith and introduce a new range of ready-to-wear tunics by the name of Ideas Prêt , which by the way, can be seen as the offshoot of their uber successful Independence line that came out a week before 14th August 2015.

Ideas by Gul Ahmed, remain one of the retail forefront for Gul Ahmed Textile Mill Ltd with over 40 operational outlets nationwide. Ideas Pret Fall 2015 collection titled “Digital Dreams” endeavors to utilize Gul Ahmed’s forte of layering in colors with prints, and infuse intricate architecture and surreal elements via digital printing to add an edgy modern vibe to the collection. Each tunic brilliantly captures the games of tones as well as brings focus towards its extreme craftsmanship.

“We will soon be introducing a handful of our Digital Dreams prints in fine silk tunics and shirts but for our main focus remains ready-to-wear cambric prints which cater to the bracket of ages 20 to 35 and above,” shared the Ideas tem while speaking to SiddySays at the in-store launch.

With the sudden burst of the digital prints trend almost anyone and everyone tried to incorporate it into their style repertoire but what makes Digital Dreams stand out from the rest is the idea of sticking to tasteful and uncluttered digital images emulated on classical silhouettes. While the price range remains essentially light on the pocket (ranging between Rs.2500-Rs.3600), what I absolutely loved about the collection itself was use of embellished buttons and pearls on some tunics which made it fit for an opulent soiree.

Nonetheless, it didn’t really come off as a surprise for me to fall in love with my austerely elegant, dark magenta and pink hued tunic with Japanese scripted boarders and graphically printed back and front, that I wore to the launch. In fact, as a huge fan of abstract flower and botanical prints as well as minimalist and modern silhouette construction, there were more than just a couple of Digital Print kurtis that soon made their way from the rack to my closet.

If you plan to add something new to your collection and are too caught up to follow the sea of prints hitting markets this Fall/winter 2015, Ideas by Gul Ahmed should definitely be on your radar. My personal advice is to pick out, either the punchy orange or the royal-red renaissance inspired tunic to add an extra oomph to your wardrobe. -xo

Written by Naveen Qazi
Fashion & Lifestyle writer.