Mushk, starring Imran Ashraf and Urwa Hocane  in leading roles along with an army of a caste is perhaps the most awaited play of 2020. On top of that, Ahsen Talish’s name preceding Yeh Dil Mera’s success is the icing on the cake. The teaser trailers have been released and created quite the buzz because we know Imran and Uwar’s scope as actors. And now after Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, we’re so excited to be reviewing Mushk for you once it goes on air.

From the trailers we’ve seen that the drama has been shot in a rural setup, we’ve been introduced to several caste members like Momal Sheikh and Osama Tahir, somehow the stories of all the characters are intertwined and there doesn’t seem to be a typical love triangle. However the dialogues I feel do take an edge in the play with a modern day approach which seemingly makes Musk all the more interesting.

Since we wanted to get into the details and explore the unique narrative of Mushk, we got a hold of the writer/actor, Imran Ashraf for a low down.

SiddySays: After 2018 (Tabeer) which was a big hit, you’re back after 3 years with the script of Mushk. What’s the takeaway for your fans from this play?

There are several characters in Mushk and the play is scripted in such a way that you’ll feel that the story revolves around that particular character and that he or she is the lead. And we’ve deliberately tried certain techniques, for example, even though the play has been directed and played by the actors according to today’s time, however the dialogues will take you back to dramas that were played on PTV. The essence is in the dialogue delivery and we’ve tried to emulate the old and new age vibe in Mushk.

SiddySays: Ahsen Talish has been praised for Yeh Dil Mera. Was it a deliberate move to also work with him on Mushk after Tabeer?

Working with Ahsen Talish was definitely thought off because when I had written the first 2 episodes of Tabeer, the script was shared with him sometime between 2016-17, and my name hadn’t been mentioned as Writer. So when we spoke, to my excitement, he was surprised that I had written Tabeer and from there on he pushed me to complete it.

So, Mushk, from day 1 was written for Ahsen Talish because we share a camaraderie that goes beyond brotherhood and he understands where my thought process comes from. Therefore, I feel he’s the only person who can turn my thoughts into visual imagery.

Mushk leading pair Imran and Urwa

SiddySays: We’ve heard that Urwa Hocane is the backbone of Mushk. Tell us 3 reasons why she was right for this role

Yes I’ve definitely said that and stand by the fact that Urwa is the backbone of Mushk.

  1. Urwa’s character, Guddi is holding the fort because her character has several shades that she beautifully depicts in every scene. So she, along with every other actor on Mushk is driving the story from Momal Sheikh, Zara Tareen, Osama Tahir, Sohail Sameer, Raja Haider, Hassan Ahmed, Sehar Khan, Raza Talish etc because it’s a test for all the actors to bring out the essence of the story through their dialogue delivery that carries that heart of our story.
  2. Urwa’s a fabulous actor and once you see how well she’s performed, you’ll realise what I’m talking about.
  3. Reiterating, Urwa’s a wonderful actor and that’s all I can say

SiddySays: What does Mushk mean? And what is the play about?

Mushk means Khusbhoo in Urdu, a certain kind of scent that lingers for hours and then spreads all around. Like they say, “ishq mushq nahi chuptay…”

Mushk writer/actor Imran Ashraf

SiddySays: Who are you more comfortable being: Imran Ashraf the actor or Imran Ashraf the Writer?

I am an actor and a writer both, however that does not mean that it’s easy being either. If you know how difficult both the roles are, whether it’s the actors job or the writers thoughts, he’ll always be in an uncomfortable state and I’m continually struggling with, despite the appreciation for my work.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.