Insignia shoes

The one thing women often go wrong with while styling an outfit are the shoes. Every look does not necessarily need a pair of heels, and with some wearing flats is a fashion crime. Unfortunately, while the fashion industry has evolved quite rapidly, shoes and bags locally are not keeping up.

One brand that has made some leaps in the fashion segment by providing some variety in footwear in Insignia. The Brazilian collection saw some breakthrough designs that embodied international trends, and the Spring Summer collection that was recently seen in stores shows promise too.

One trend that the brand has followed this season is incorporating  prints into shoes. It can be tricky not to go tacky but Insignia seems to have embodied this trend in a few ways. We can see a few floral prints that are spot on!

Ideally wear a printed pair of sandals with a plain suit or some monochrome western wear. Make a statement with your shoes while being on trend!


Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.