I’ll be honest, I am guilt for saying half, well some of the things that I have jotted down for you, on Instagram. And you can’t blame me because everybody else was doing it, but I jumped on the trend bandwagon anyway. How unoriginal of me! But that’s only because there are so many things that I want to complain about because I’ve observed them on Instagram and as irritating they are, I just want to let them out by writing them in a blog post, publish it and just let it go.


“What’s cooking” on Instagram basically means EVERYTHING, all the trends except real food.

A rumored celebrity couple – what’s cooking?

A celebrity endorsing a mystery brand – what’s cooking?


[Urban Dictionary] What dumbass girls say to eachother on Instagram when someone posts a pic that is very attractive or is of something they aspire to, like a relationship. It’s basically a way of sucking up to someone and it’s almost as annoying and shallow as when girls post shit like “omg stop being so perf!” and then of course the required response is “no that’s you bb 😘” and it goes back and forth like that. Both examples are typically found thoroughly nauseating by non-sheeple types and those who don’t seek validation via Instagram likes

Ok. ‘yall are goals’, ‘literally goals’, and even ‘goals goals goals!’ and I have no idea what it is supposed to mean.


This popularly irksome phrase being used to describe everything from clothes to hair to eyebrows which is a huge mystery. Just throw it into the same category of XYZ being famous and wealthy for inheriting his dad’s business. And obviously it doesn’t make sense, but we go with the flow right?


Netizens can’t get enough of anything Instagram. Well, now I “cant get enough”. Somebody save me while I choke on lack of creativity.


Why? Because you were so tired of posting for the sake of posting so you didn’t know what else to say? We’re only here to stalk you, not engage with you so why would I “caption this!”. #SorryNotSorry


No, I don’t want to take you back because honestly I don’t want to see throwbacks. It’s great that it happened and you made some awesome memories. It’s time to get out of the past now and move ahead in life. I don’t wan a spam of your vacay from eons ago.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.