Week after week we’re glued to our TV screens because the Pakistani drama industry is booming with stories and talent that keeps us entertained for a solid 45 minutes. And everybody’s going to tell you their favourite drama and why they’re watching it, but are they also going to tell why it’s a miss?

Iqra in Jhooti, Bilal in Pyar Ke Sadqay and Feroze in Ishqiya, are just great, but there’s also something that’s not working in their favour and we’re going to tell you what’s that so you can figure out if you want to watch it or pick an other show.

So, let’s start scrolling.



  1. Ahmad Ali Butt In A Sober Role
    Yes guys, it is so good to see the king of comedy Ahmed Ali Butt try something new as he plays the mature character of Nasir quite successfully in our eyes as he wins you over week after week by playing this character who is not able to see his wife’s true nature as she begins to rob him of everything while he fights the world for her innocence.
  2. Iqra Ali Plays The Bad Girl
    Having seen her play a notorious character before in Khamoshi, Iqra once again dons a negative character called Nirma here who besides being self centered is also a compulsive liar and the way the actress plays her is amusing to watch as besides her vocal delivery even her expressions are bang on .
  3. From Real To Reel
    With great hype surrounding the marriage of Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz , Jhooti is the first drama where we will be seeing them opposite one another after they tied the knot and that is a good enough reason to stay tuned till the versatile actor does make his entrance in the play .


  1. Predictable Plot
    An impressive cast can not hide the fact that the story is nothing new as we all know that Nirma will meet her match through the character played by Yasir Hussain who will leave her high and dry which will make her want to miss Nasir who loved her unconditionally and the end will either show Nirma repent or die a lonely death.
  2. Pointless Crying
    Four episodes old , one gets annoyed when Nirma is seen wailing for no reason at all every week as the idea of a heroine lying her way around is appealing but tactics like these in her scenes makes one want to grind the teeth in anger .
  3. Saas – Bahu Saga
    Just when we thought that family politics in dramas will end, along comes jhooti who picks up the Saas-Bahu saga which has been done to death with and adds no value to the plot anymore.



  1. Bilal Abbas Khan’s Stellar Performance
    Bilal is impressive from the first scene as he plays a boy called Abdullah who stammers and struggles with acceptance from his step father as he is left scarred emotionally by his strict real father and the way the actor essays the role will melt your heart for sure .
  2. A Story with the Perfect Blend
    It is not every day that you come across a story which is emotional, humorous, sober as well as fresh but writer Zanjabeel Asim has captured the essence of all of these things perfectly as she tells a tale whose ending we can’t predict.
  3. Farooq Rind’s Direction
    A master story teller , the director is known to present each scene with fine details as we have seen before in Besharram and Ishq Zahe Naseeb to name a few and in Pyar Ke Sadqay we are again watching his magic unfold as he continues to tell the story in his unique way.


  1. Too Much Background Music
    With such a powerful script and actors, the background music (composed badly too) added in most scenes is unnecessary as it breaks the tempo and moves your focus away from the beauty of the scene.
  2. Yumna Zaidi Trying Too Hard To Play a Bubbly Girl
    Now we know that Mahajabeen is full of life but having seen Yumna essay serious characters beautifully and naturally here somehow she does not win you over in scenes where she pretends to be too happy.



  1. Star Studded Cast
    Ishqiya has many talented stars on board from Feroze Khan , Ramsha Khan , Hania Aamir to Gohar Rasheed . The good looking and talented foursome bring freshness to the screen with the way each is playing their character.
  2. An Intense Story
    Revolving around a heart break and than moving on to revenge , Ishqiya is a thrilling drama which shows what extend can a man go to who has lost the love of his life .
  3. Badar Mehmood’s Come Back After Cheekh
    After his last drama which was a super duper hit, director Badar Mehmood is back in a story which is very different from Cheekh but the way he shoots and edits each scene makes one live the story as it moves ahead.


  1. A Tale Told Many Times Before
    A jilted lover who can’t handle rejection has been done many times and he will set out to let every one know that offers nothing new nor any excitement as we can watch the drama from any point and will still be able to catch the story easily .
  2. Hamza Emulates Kabir Singh Vibes
    Pushing Hamna, humiliating her in a crowd or forcing her to talk to him when she is clearly in distress doesn’t really make you want to see a character like this on screen as someone like him can easily impress young boys who will think that being aggressive towards girls in their life is cool and that is a thought which is disturbing .
  3. Hamna As A Bechari
    In this day and age it is annoying to see someone like her who does not stand up for herself especially when Hamza shouts at her, his friend grabs her by the hand or her parents force her to marry a guy she does not love , all these things don’t make you feel sorry for her but rather angry as the story would have been more interesting if she was shown to be strong and vocal.

So which out of the three is your favourite so far? Do share with us in the comment box below.