The popularity of Pakistani drama’s is mind blowing, whether its nationally or globally, our stories and actors are beloved. From social issues to war-time love stories, to spiritual journeys and mysteries, and saas-bahu plots, we’ve seen it all.  And we have a pool of talented Directors, Writers and Producers with actors who are ready to bare it all for a good role.

However today we’re focusing on a new drama serial called Jalan, produced by Big Bang Entertainment (Actor, Fahad Mustafa’s production house).


Jalan will go on air on June 17th, 2020 on ARY Digital at 8 pm, and from it’s teasers, the drama serial has garnered quite the attention for its story line which highlights the element of jealousy in relationships. While some are criticizing while others are looking forward to it with it’s over all fresh vibe and characters. Jalan is a love triangle, but a very unconventional one where the sister-in-law falls in love with her brother-in-law! *scream awkward* 

Areeba Habib and Minal Khan are sisters, Misha and Nisha and Emmad Irfani is married to Misha. However, with some really weird twist of fate and circumstances, Minal’s character falls in love with Emmad and once the show goes on air, we’ll get to it to find out how and why this will happen and what it’ll lead to.

Emmad Irfani was last seen in Cheekh opposite Saba Qamar, Areeba Habib was seen in Janbaaz with Danish Taimoor Minaal Khan was seen in Qismat.

While all 3 characters are intertwined, Minal will be seen portraying a negative role for the first time and her fans are super excited to see her in a new avatar. So, Nisha go on the flip side with her impulses, who will go to any length to grab Emad’s attention while Areeba Habib  be battling this situation in her life caused by her sister. I’m curious to see what edge will Emmad’s character bring. Is he actually playing the victim in this manic plot?

Moreover, we’ll also be seeing model-turned-actress, Nadia Hussain return on the TV screen because was last seen in Tera Yahan Koi Nahi. Fahad Sheikh is playing Minal’s love interest/fiance in Jalan.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.