Juggun Kazim for SIddySays 1

Juggun Kazim to the world is an actress, a model, a host, and even writes an Opinion Editorial for a leading daily. She is one of the most widely recognized media personalities and has been the face of many entertainment and show business ventures both in the country and abroad. A loved household name – Juggan, in addition to her famous public persona, is also a loving wife and mother.

Juggun Kazim for SIddySays

Before venturing into media full time,  Juggun got an international degree in Media Information Technoculture and Sociology. Today, Juggun Kazim is a name to be reckoned with in the industry, commands incredible star-power and enjoys a very large loving fan base. She has a portfolio of plays, advertisements and television shows to her credit including projects like Mano Salwa, Vasl, Pyaasi and Kaaghaz Ki Nao and music videos for Shehzad Roy, Jal and the Mekaal Hasan Band. Building on this, Juggun’s diverse experience in the industry also includes modelling for some of the biggest names in the fashion industry including Kamiar Rokni, Fahad Hussayn, Ali Xeeshan, MARIA B, Ammar Belal and Nisha by Nishat Linen. Currently, she is hosting her own Morning Show by the name of ‘Morning with Juggun’.

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Looking good at all times is part of her hectic routine and she manages that flawlessly. Her favourite lip color is by Luscious is Buff Pink! According to Juggun “Buff Pink is one of my favourite lip colors because it is natural and suits my day time schedule such as interviews, the Morning Show and so many other commitments” For anyone who is interested, buff pink is available in the Luscious Cosmetics range. You can purchase it from any big retailer like Al-Fatah, HKB, Potpurri et al or buy it online at www.iloveluscious.com


Photography by Mujtaba Hussain Shah

Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.