JULKE leather

Pakistan fashion scene got its major breakthrough back in mid 2000s. But it took almost a decade for the word style to get redefined. Today, women are clear about the fact that to look stylish, you need a lot more than just a fancy dress. You need the right accessory, shoes and bags to complete your look. Hence, jewelry/shoes/bags designers have started pouring in left, right and center. And honestly speaking, all of these creative entrepreneurs have a spark. One such new entrant is JULKE. We had a quick talk with them and realized they are one to watch out for! 2   Give us a brief background about your company.

We have been in the leather industry from 1994. Our leather tannery has been exporting finished leather to all the leading brands around the world for a long time. Our brand, “Julkie” is a sister concern of that company. Julkie evolved as a result of our love for fashion and our ability to deliver high-end luxury leather

What made you choose bags as your product?

We were exporting leather for handbags and could see a huge gap in our domestic market for high-quality and fashionable leather bags. So, we thought why not utilize our expertise and come up with a local brand with an international feel to it. 6d9714c4-367e-4b04-9766-23fd8f37b059 Do you hold any professional training in manufacturing?

We have a team of highly skilled leather technologists who are always working to develop new, trendy and technically strong leather which are then transformed into exquisite bags by our very creative in house designers.

What is your design philosophy?

Our design philosophy is to change the image of leather bags as “granny bags”. Our collection shows that leather bags can also be vibrant, trendy and glamorous. 674a16d0-a5f0-401e-96c7-61e42cf95cc4 Which market segment do you cater to?

JULKÉ strives to bring the best of quality, craftsmanship and top notch designs at affordable prices so every women gets to enjoy our bags.

Any handbag tip you would like to give to our readers, like the latest trends in terms of style and colors?

Add colors to your life by buying cheerful and vibrant colors when it comes to handbags. You don’t have to restrict yourself to neutrals and most importantly always go for real leather, because it will always last longer.

Any message you would like to give to people who want to get into the business of accessories?

We highly encourage those who want to get into this business, as Pakistan is full of talent and creative minds. However, while designing  accessories just remember that they are the extension of the person who is carrying them and in order to make a successful range of accessories one must follow the trends of the apparel industry, be it colors or themes, they should always compliment the apparels of that season.

JULKÉ is available online at www.julke.pk