Khaadi Cambric

There is always that one friend, one relative, one flavor of ice cream, one TV series that you know will make you feel better. You know you can rely on your ‘go to’ to deliver exactly what you are looking for. In my case when I am looking for the most reliable option in clothing, I head over to Khaadi (luckily I live just meters away from a store, excellent store development plan!!)

Known for its quality of fabric and material, Khaadi always comes up with something different whilst staying true to the brand identity and philosophy. Collection and after collection, volume after volume, it has shared with us an extravaganza of colors, designs, embroideries, styles successfully over the years. It is simple, Khaadi makes clothes for the Urban woman, keeping in mind her sense of style, aspirations, comfort and tying it back to the roots of culture whilst staying on trend.

This year for the Autumn, Khaadi has launched its Cambric collection called Colors of the Forest. While it isn’t chilly yet, and definitely not as hot as July, Cambric is the right fabric for the current weather. The collection represents earthy tones, muted florals and textures of the forest. The mixture of bold patters and feminine designs offer a wide variety of choice, typical Khaadi style. The collection ranges from simple cambric 2, 3, 4 and 5 piece printed suits to more sophisticated embroidered versions, some with Swarovski crystal buttons and has something for everyone

Personally what I love about Khaadi is that more than a range of designs and choices of whether to buy a 2 piece or a 5 piece, it’s the price variable where everyone can find something they love without the burden of expense.

For a chic look for a lunch date with friends, or going to an important meeting, Khaadi Cambric Collection covers all bases with the variety and quality it offers, and the collection had met with resounding success as women from all walks and ages have heard the call of Khaadi Cambric collection.

For all you who still haven’t seen, here are some great designs of what you should be wearing this autumn, from one of the most reliable clothing giants in Pakistan. 

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.